About Me - Mark Lehrbass Photography
Three Sisters Wilderness, OR.

I find my self viewing our Earth through the rule of thirds. Constantly theory crafting and wondering about possibilities of capturing the ideal frame in ideal conditions under ideal light. A reason to return and return again in the quest to satisfy the minds eye composition. I feel as if I have caught the bug...        

Photography makes sense to me. It granted me the means to articulate some of my uncommunicable inner self to observers who appreciate such efforts. I've stood behind a camera for only 4 years now but for most of my life I've been hiking in the grandeur and sleeping under the stars as my form of relaxation. Giving my self a motive; an objective to my adventure opened up avenues of exploration that are still humbling to think about.  What I present on this website is a combined lifelong identification of myself that I choose to express through my visual experiences and appreciation of our Earth. Thank you for looking.

-Mark Lehrbass

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